Thursday, January 28, 2010

Practice Makes Perfect (I hope)

So, it started during breakfast. I said to myself "today, I will be a great mom and take my kids to do something". What this something was, I had no idea. So I thought...hum....everyone I know with kids is either busy, the kids are at school or they live out of town. Since I wasn't quite ready for a road trip....I decided to surf the local mom sites to see if there was anything on the calendar.

As two small boys sit quietly, as quiet as a 3.5 yr old and a 14 month old can be, I go for the computer. First I have to detach the device that I have created to keep out the 1 yr old, which by the way does not work. Then I find the computer, turn it on and start to surf. Now the 14 month old starts crying because he wants his drink that he has thrown on the floor. I pick up the drink, hand it to him....and back on the floor it goes. No big deal. It's 7:30am and I am full of patience. Now my coffee is cold, but I am in good shape. I look through several things and don't see anything that is particularly moving. So, upstairs we head to the play room.

At this point, I think, today could be great. I will get them involved in some toys in the playroom and maybe they will be happy. Then, I can clean their rooms and the upstairs. I don't know why I didn't think of this. However, I am quickly reminded that it is unrealistic for these two to play happily or peacefully. The oldest wants to play football and throws the football at me. The youngest is too busy turning the TV on and off (which explains why the TV no longer works correctly). So cleaning is out.

Plan B....let's build something. Quick interruption, my girlfriend calls and we vent for 5 minutes about our kids and their shortcomings. After which, I should feel bad but I have more to worry about. The 3.5 yr old throws the football at me again, pushes the 14 month old (who has a dirty diaper) and continues.

Now it's 10:30 and I know that a great day may be more then I can achieve. Maybe good is a better goal. Now they are playing...well sort of. The 14 month old is climbing on me as I am trying to write this blog, the 3.5 yr old is bitching about going down stairs (where there are no toys). Did I mention I also had to hoist my 50 lb dog back over my fence from the neighbors yard. No idea how he got out or why....but lifting a 50 lb dog over a 4 ft fence is not easy. But life goes on. He is just a dog and I should try and be patient. After all, he does take a lot of abuse from two small dog torturers.

So now I am saying to myself (@11:15am).....Is Daddy Home Yet? I know the answer and I know he won't be here for another 7 hrs. But lunch is a happy time and nap time is only 2 hrs away., I will aim for "not so bad" and try to practice patience with my children when they ask....Is Daddy Home Yet? Knowing he's not, but wish he was.